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Tension is defined as the force applied to a continuous web of material in the machine direction. It is impossible to control web without proper tension being applied to it. The web must be “in traction” with all machine idler rolls and driven rolls to ensure proper web handling and control. BST eltromat India Pvt. Ltd. offers wide range of solutions to control your web tension. In association with Renova Srl., our customers can choose the best solution as per their requirements. Entire range of Renova Srl. products & systems are manufactured in Italy and marketed & represented in India exclusively by BST eltromat India Pvt. Ltd.

Applications: We cater to major industry manufacturers and offer a wide range of products. You can rely on our systems to control tension wherever there is a paper, corrugation, printing process, laminating and cutting. It is ideal for new applications and also to up-grade production lines. We can offer a complete range of tension control system with good sensitivity and easily adaptable according to your needs. We cater to following industries worldwide:

  • Paper
  • Corrugated board
  • Films
  • Printing & Packaging

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