Be inspired. Move forward.

Be inspired. Move forward.


For gravure printers, customer quality requirements continue to increase. Because gravure is a high speed printing process used for high quality printing, it requires lot of precision and control to get the best output. At the same time, one has to maintain the costs for material, ink and energy costs up to the standards to avoid waste and losses during the process.

The aim is a high quality print by cutting down wastage to ensure profitable production cycles and customer satisfaction.

Optimum productivity, maximum efficiency

For perfect results BST eltromat provides a complete portfolio for quality assurance and maximum productivity for your gravure application.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Convenient handling
  • Comfortable adjustment
  • Maximum overview
  • Precise web guiding
  • User-friendly software tools
  • High resolution print display
  • Absolute production safety
  • Reliable defect detection
  • Numerous special features
  • Clear analyses
  • Professional experts
  • Effective customer service

BST eltromat Solutions for Gravure Printing