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Be inspired. Move forward.



Your customers are brand owners? Only an intelligent combination of all your production processes allows you to guarantee your customers the required 100 % print quality. You eliminate waste efficiently and reliably. By meeting this requirement of your customers, you secure yourself a crucial advantage in competition.

100% print inspection is the pre-requisite for a well-organized workflow. As a consistent quality control device it provides you with important information regarding print defects. This information allows you to significantly increase your process reliability.

Already during set-up your operators compare the pre-press PDF to the actual print image. Thus, defective or wrong printing plates/ cylinders are recognized at the earliest stage possible.

If waste occurs during production, you may tag it automatically during the printing process or remove it. You would like to remove waste in a following process? For this purpose, each defect is documented. But not every print defect you would like to see during production automatically causes waste.

An optional step offers the possibility to re-evaluate the defect log in order to get the maximum out of the production. The defect log is the basis for your rewinder control so that it may operate at maximum speed and stop right at the spot where waste is to be removed.

In short : BST eltromat’s workflow modules provide reliable defect elimination without gaps. At the same time they make this process as efficient as possible.

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