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Meets the highest quality standards and satisfies all the requirement of those printers who want more. This register control prevents from the printing errors, improving the quality of the printing. It reduces waste in production and decreases the impact on the environment. The system analysis the impulses generated by the register marks printed alongside the actual work. The system identifies the actual positions of each single register mark and compares this position to its own reference. The system analyses the register error and generates the tight signal fit for the situation. In fact, the correction of the error makes use of programmable PID algorithms which can immediately eliminate the errors due to splices, changes of reels, variations in speed and tension.

Features :

  • Longitudinal and transversal colour register control for rotogravure, flexography, typographic and web offset printing presses
  • Digital adjustment system with independent micro-processors
  • Automatic recognition of register marks
  • Digital oscilloscope to control the pulses due to the register marks
  •  Contemporary control of print elements and data processing stations (cutting, punching, folding and embossing appliances)
  • Automatic control for print repeats, resetting and odd/perfect up.


  • Sensible reduction in scraps, due to the automatic mark recognition
  • The production of the rotary press increase because of the reduction of dead times
  • Possibility of printing on any kind of material
  • Best quality of the printed product
  • Few print scraps for change of reels, for accelerations and decelerations of the press
  •  Fastest depreciation times

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