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Be inspired. Move forward.


Paper : The most sensitive substrate for ecology as it is majorly produced from the pulp of wood, rags and grass. The material itself is so valuable & precious and while processing, the utmost care has to be taken to avoid wastages. Paper is used as raw material for various industries and also used for printing. Wasting of paper does not only mean waste of materials it is also the waste of ecological elements.

Corrugation: This process is also significant for ecological balance since it involves components from paper. So avoiding waste and optimum utilisation of materials is very crucial for the manufacturers.

The aim is to get fine products without wasting any material during the process and also increase the profitability.

For perfect results BST Eltromat provides a complete portfolio for quality assurance and maximum productivity for your Paper & Corrugation application

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BST eltromat solutions for Paper & Corrugation applications: