With sales and technical support located in India and major international cities, Our Web Ranger system has been installed at over 250 locations in 16 countries worldwide. Wintriss responds instantly to meet customer requirements. We invite you to contact our professional staff for consultation on a solution tailored to satisfy your requirements.

Market leaders in Film, PCB and Non-wovens
Market acceptance in Paper, Glass and Metals
Customer base includes multi-national corporations such as DuPont, Dow-Kokum, Procter & Gamble, GE, Bemis, 3M, U-Japan Nonwoven Co., Havix, Kaneka, Yupo, Nan Ya, AUO, CCP, Chi Mei, H&V, SKC, Shin Kong, PPG, Tredegar, TUC, EMC, Lucky Films, Doosan, Dow-Kokum
Installations (USA, Taiwan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Germany, UK, Thailand, India, Indonesia)
Superb system reliability
Aggressively priced
Local support
Extensive Machine Vision experience:
Smart Cameras – 19 years

 Web Inspection – 14 years