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During the processing of webs, absolute precision is essential for perfect products. Only a perfect print result can facilitate an ideal outcome in further processing steps. For that, webs must be perfectly fed into the cutting process, print defects reliably indicated, and positions for perforation reliably identified.

To ensure that you can work efficiently, the continuity of the workflow must be guaranteed. Above all, the following is true: the finished, processed, printed product must always be perfect.

Precision in perfection: BST eltromat International offers you a complete range of services for quality assurance for all processing applications. As a leading manufacturer of quality assurance systems for the web processing industry, BST eltromat has carried out more than 100,000 installations in more than 100 countries around the world.

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BST eltromat Solutions for Converting Applications

BST eltromat is your partner for highly precise processes and perfect results for all coating applications. Our solutions for the quality assurance of coating include, among other things, the areas of web guiding, the measurement of layer thicknesses and basis weight, and surface inspection.

Optimal products in focus: BST eltromat International supports you with a complete range of services for quality control for all handling applications; in the area of slitting, for example, it ensures that webs are fed accurately in cutting processes.

Easy-to-use systems with first-class results: BST eltromat offers you impressive winding solutions on the entire line, including the web guiding, web monitoring / 100% inspection, and the guarantee of a smooth workflow.