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Be inspired. Move forward.


SELEVISCO IN LINE is a new electronic viscosi-meter by Selectra Srl. for measuring and regulating the inks in print presses. The working principle based on the vibrating reed (Ford-4 or Zahn-2) guarantees high precision in measurements. The viscosi-meters are constructed with the maximum level of protection, complying to the Intrinsic Security Eexi certificate.

The ink coming from the pump is circulated to a measuring body which is measuring the viscosity. The viscosity is analysed by a microprocessor and displayed in seconds.

Selevisco has two operation way.

  • In manual mode the system displays the measured viscosity. The front panel keyboard is used to correct the error by adding new solvent.
  • In automatic mode the system executes a comparison between the programmed viscosity and the measured one. Based on the magnitude of the  difference new solvent is added to correct the error.

Technical features:

  • Measuring range: 9…140 sec (Ford-4)
  • Sensitivity: 0.1 sec
  • Max number of elements: 16 (Version TS) 8 (other versions)
  • Output: visual, sound e relay output
  • Number of programs: 99