The recording, evaluation and visualization of the measurement results have never been easier than now with the development of the new INDICON software! The intuitive handling crystalized itself as one of the special highlights. This tool offers an ideal user-orientation due to its fine-grained and high-contrasted measurement display, a maximal monitor resolution and an information bar that are displayed on every screen page. The specific configurability of the software is also entirely in the interest of the user. The surface is completely optimized for touch control. The intelligent gesture control allows an individual setting of the gestures and therewith linked orders. The system is eventually topped off due to its internal logic since the sequences of the surface are thematically assorted.

Scanners: For measuring tasks where the product panels are to be measured and displayed as a profile across the complete width, two-rail scanners (so-called O-frames) are used. In connection with the respective controls, they can perform even complex movement and measuring program. There are several versions, with their essential difference being in the possible movement widths. If the measured object is to be measured only from one side, or if an O-frame cannot be used for spatial reasons, one-rail versions may also be used.


  • Parking position for the sensor outside of the measured material
  • High-quality corrosion protection by powder coating
  • Vertical and horizontal fastening possibilities
  • Variable scanning speed due to controlled drive
  • Use of coated toothed belts for low-friction and low-noise drive
  • Low-maintenance build
  • Easy to service because components can be replaced easily
  •  Recirculating ball bearing guide for highly precise sensor guidance
  • Guidance accuracy
  • in x-direction (traversing direction): 0.4 mm
  • in z-direction (measuring gap size): 0.05 mm