The requirements concerning quality control of materials are very diverse and depend on the respective end-product. The application of the sensors depends in general on the original material that has to be measured. A focus is always on increasing the profitability of the production process next to the quality management. Production errors can be remedied at an early stage due to our company’s overall systems that intervene immediately correctively in the case of set point deviation.

The application of the state-of-the-art technologies ensures therefore distinct advantages:


  •  Low consumption of raw materials
  •  Low waste rates
  •  Increased productivity
  •  Low maintenance effort
  •  Time saving due automation
  •  High degree of reliability



Coating and Converting

Irrespective of whether the processing of films, paper or coatings is required – measuring the basis weight and layer thickness contributes to the high quality of the end product. Temperature sensors, x-ray sensors and radiometric solutions are able to deliver precise results for a material‘s basis weight. Spectrometer sensors, infrared technologies and laser beam shadowing sensors also create outstanding opportunities for precisely measuring the layer thickness of coatings and the total thickness of a broad range of different materials.


  •  Neither Colour, transparency nor material composition will affect the measurements
  •  100% control of the material surface
  •  Precision of 20 nm
  •  Thickness and application-thickness measurements from 2 µm

Calendaring Film and Sheet Extrusion Bi-axially Stretched Films

Stability and functionality often play a significant role in the processing of plastics possessing low basis weight. Temperature sensors, x-ray sensors and radiometric solutions are able to deliver precise results where a material‘s thickness or basis weight is concerned.

The thickness of a plastic material will also contribute to the end product‘s durability. Precise measurements using laser technologies, x-rays, infrared, ultrasonic, spectrometer sensors and radio-metric systems deliver a broad range of possibilities for a wide variety of requirements.


  •  100% control of the material surface
  •  Patented technologies
  •  Thickness and layer-thickness measurements from 2 µm with a precision of 20 nm

Non-woven materials and technical textiles

Precision measurements of the basis weight in bulk stock are essential to the production of high-tech textiles and flat-sheet non-woven materials used in the hygiene, clothing, geotextile and general industries. Such measurements are often unsatisfactory when industrial filter media are produced as the captured material quantities are not representative or the measuring results have become distorted through interference.

Optimum results may, however, be achieved with the help of x-rays and radiometric sensors, which allow the basis weight to be reliably and continuously determined using non-contact methods. This helps to reduce material defects to a minimum.


  •  Continuous, precise and non-contact basis weight measurement during on-going production
  •  Measuring range from 0 to 65 kg/m2
  •  Measuring systems that do not require permits
  •  Precision up to 0.1%