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Be inspired. Move forward.



AlphaMix is “the State of the Art” Two components adhesive mixing & dispensing system. Which delivers a mixture of Adhesive components at a desired ratio and temperature.

AlphaMix comes in two versions:

  • Stand-alone
  • Integrated with solvent-less lamination machine

AlphaMix Stand-alone system: This system works independent of solvent-less machine. It comes with its own HMI display, significant features of which are:

  • Both OH & NCO ratio can be set individually. This will help in using chemistry for any adhesive.
  • The actual value of the OH & NCO is displayed.
  • Actual coating gsm is also calculated & displayed.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for remote service.
  • Roll wise report available which can be printed.
  • Job wise report remains saved for maximum 10 jobs which can be printed.
  • “State of the Art” system ensures the precise temperature & weight control for each of the component.
  • Transmitters are installed at the delivery point of each pump to ensure that if this is any blockage, the mixer will send a tripping signal to the lamination machine. This avoids any risk of de-lamination.

AlphaMix Integrated system: Integrated system works and communicates with the lamination machine. Both the mixer and the lamination machine can be controlled from a single HMI.