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Quality Assurance and Sustainability

How BST eltromat is helping its customers meet their environmental goals

BST eltromat’s quality assurance systems support the efforts of web-processing industries to promote sustainability in a number of ways. In the film and packaging sector, in particular, the circular economy has been an increasingly important topic for several years now.

This sector is experiencing a radical change that presents new challenges, also for quality assurance systems. As a globally leading manufacturer of these systems, BST eltromat is also at the forefront of helping to shape the transformation process toward a circular economy.


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Quality assurance and sustainability

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World Environment Day

World Enviornment Day

Contribution of BST eltromat towards “Green Print” & “Green Environment”

Wastage reduction is one of the most critical aspects in not only generating a faster ROI on a system but also a key determinant of finding the effectiveness of the system. BST eltromat are the world leaders in quality assurance systems for the converting industry. A faster ROI on any BST eltromat system is one of the reasons for BST products being preferred choice for most of the converters.

BST eltromat Quality Assurance Systems play an important role in conserving the overall environmental aspects and make the overall process an environment friendly affair. Taking small steps at a time can lead to the destinations over thousands of miles; similarly saving even one unit of material / resource everyday will save tons of material / resources in future. The only thing which we need to take care in the process is to “Take Care”.


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BST eltromat India on LinkedIn

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Wintriss Article in PackMan 2019

PackMan (May 2019)

100% Surface Inspection, precise Defect Classification for all packaging films

Wintriss- Web Ranger is an optical 100% surface inspection and defect classification system that provides a total quality solution for films & plastics produced in continuous webs. The system’s highly modular design allows the system to detect any size of defects based on web width and speed.

Wintriss Inspection Solutions Ltd., a subsidiary of Wintriss Engineering Corp., California. Develops and manufactures optical surface inspection systems using smart, CCD line-scan cameras. Rapidly expanding its horizons with over 300 systems installed world-wide. Wintriss Engineering is a pioneer in embedding processing intelligence in cameras.

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TubeScan Article Packaging South Asia May 2019

Packaging South Asia (May 2019)

BST eltromat introduces 4K camera for TubeScan System

BST eltromat India has come up with a new 4K camera for TubeScan System, which used to print inspection and in detection of any defect that may have occurred during the printing process. The defects are as small as 0.08 mm can be easily detected through this camera.

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Packaging SouthAsia

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