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Web Guiding

Webs of material guided by rollers tend to move sideways off the correct track. Among other things this leads to print no longer appearing where it should do and to webs not being rewinded accurately. This is where web guiding comes into play. It keeps the material in a defined position and guarantees an exact input feed into the production process even at highest processing speeds. To summarize: web guiding ensures an accurate running of the web where it would otherwise wobble and shake.

Challenge : The guiding and control of the web position at maximum web speeds throughout all processes like unwinding, production, cutting and rewinding.

Solution : BST eltromat India web guiding systems ensure that the processed material is exactly where it is supposed to be.

BST eltromat systems guide the web in various production processes, can be used for a large range of substrates and help effectively to minimize waste and downtimes.

  • 1. Controlled unwinding
  • 2. Infrared or ultrasonic sensor
  • 3. Rotating frame guide
  • 4. Swivel roll guide
  • 5. CCD camera
  • 6. Controlled rewinding
  • 7. BST Controller