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Intelligent solutions for optimum product quality and production stability
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High demands are placed on control and inspection systems in tire production as a result of progressing automation of the manufacturing processes and ever increasing expectations on the quality of the products.

Through many years‘ experience working together with the tire industry, BST eltromat is able to support its customers with solutions for the tasks at hand: With streamlined automation solutions, intelligent quality assurance systems and state-of-the-art control components.

Prepare to be impressed by our products and solutions

  • Web guide control systems for all manufacturing processes
  • Web tension measuring systems in all load sizes
  • Intelligent, high-precision sensors
  • Profile scan systems for extrusion profiles
  • Thickness measurement on the calender
  • High performance camera systems – as easy to use as sensors
  • Intelligent controllers

In addition to standard products, BST eltromat develops customer-specific and problem related customized solutions.

Calender Lines

BST eltromat offers the complete product range for web and liner guiding and tension control, homogeneous textile cord distribution, web thickness and width measurement, position-guided edge cutting systems, winder control and quality assurance.

Extrusion Lines

Beside web and liner guiding and tension control systems, conveyor belt guiders or position-guided edge cutting systems, BST eltromat offers total quality assurance systems, such as 3D - Profile scanning systems or width measurement systems.

Innerliner Calender Lines

In addition to the standard web guiding and tension control systems, cutting systems or winder control systems BST eltromat is specialized in high precision integrated doubling units, width measurement and laser marker systems.


Starting with unwinder and winder guiding systems, web guiding out of the loop and in front of the cutter, up to high precision width measurement systems, BST eltromat provides all products for a high quality production on textile and steel cord cutters.

Doubling Lines

The doubling process needs precision. BST eltromat has it, with the right sensors for each application, high performance CCD Cameras, tension control systems and reliable and material caring web guiders.

Tire Building Machines

A precisely-positioned material infeed from the unwinders, accurate web guiding from the loop, high-precision web guiding on the ply server drum and intelligent geometry-related control algorithms on the belt server represent the key components of the BST eltromat tire building control systems. Laser-marker systems are completing the product portfolio.