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Turborex is the only brake on the market with a multidisc system and double fan ventilation. This patented system reduces the operating temperatures and guarantees 42.000 WORKING HOURS UNDER EXTREME CONDITIONS *300 mt/min, 24 hours (5 year maintenance free). Because of the lower temperatures, the web tension control is improved at any line speed and pad wear and pollution are drastically reduced. Turborex is 100% interchangeable with all existing brakes. The Turborex brake is available in TX110, TX120, TX170, TX180, and TX240 models and carries a torque range from 0-400 daNm with a power dissipation of up to 12 kW. Following are some exciting features & facts:

  • The only brake in the market with a multi-disc system & double fan ventilation
  • Turborex brake is a patented system and is 100% interchangeable with all existing brakes
  • 5 years maintenance free
  • Up to 42,000 working hrs. under extreme conditions guaranteed
  • Reduces the operating temperatures, due to lower temperatures, not only web tension control is improved but
        also pad-wear and pollution are drastically reduced