Shark 4000 LEX

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SHARK 4000 LEX, the 100 % print defect detection system for use on rewinders and narrow-web printing machines.

It stands out due to its well-engineered technology, extensive range of functions, comprehensive defect management software and features.

  • Min. defect size: up to 0.05 mm2 depending on application.
       (Inspected material, resolution, contrast of acquired image, web speed)
  • Max Web speed: up to 200 mtrs. / min.
  • Max web width: up to 600 mm (23)
  • Camera: 4000 pixels Colour or 6000 pixels Grey Scale camera
  • Substrates: Suitable for transparent, opaque and reflective materials
  • Numerous software options
  • Adjustable to various print defect detection tasks
  • Safe and precise detection even of smallest defects
  • Optional feature: Colour Monitoring, Barcode verification

  • For the detailed list of features and software options, please refer to the brochure.