Doubling Lines

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The doubling process needs precision. BST eltromat has it, with the right sensors for each application, high performance CCD Cameras, tension control systems and reliable and material caring web guiders.

The CCD CAM 100 high-resolution cameras provide the ideal basis for perfect doubling. In conjunction with BST eltromat web tension measuring systems and intelligent actuators, high-precision results can be achieved in the doubling of primary materials. On the winder, web guide controllers and web tension control systems ensure winding with straight edges and gentle liner handling.

Winder Guiding System : The SmartGuide.WF ensures the controlled unwinding and rewinding of material and liner. Adoptions to individual conditions can be realized due to a large range of proven components, such as sensors and actuators.

Web Tension Measuring Systems : The BTL Load 100-500 cells control the tensions of the rubber material and the textile cord during their run through the calender line and the web and the liner at the winder.

Laser Marker : In result of the recipe data the NCA Laser 100 indicates the correct edge position of the material.

Conveyor Guiding : In combination with various sensors, selected according to the material to be controlled, the actuators are controlling the conveyor belts to bring the material to its correct position.