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The guiding device is the “hand” which the web guiding system uses to make the physical corrections to the web path.

It becomes active if the web position deviates from the set position.

It corrects the web position, moved by the actuator until the desired position has been reached.

The BST eltromat guiding devices are deliverable in different sizes and versions for almost all web widths and applications. A variety of roll versions and coatings are at the disposal for different material types.

Precise Web Guiding Needing Minimal Space
Engineered for precise control of narrow webs in the label, packaging, and non-woven industries, the highly compact design allows for easy fit onto production machines with minimal space and effort.
The CompactGuide also gives tremendous flexibility. Six sizes ensure the best fit on a wide range of machines.
One or two edge sensors or an optional line and contrast sensor detect the web position directly after the exit roller.
Additionally a splice table with pneumatic clamping devices is available to splice the web directly on the CompactGuide.
The user-friendly keypad has easy to understand colour-coded icons that provide simple and extremely intuitive operation, and ensure direct access to all of the guiding functions.
The control panel features an illuminated LCD with a graphic display showing the status of system functions and parameters. No pull down menus, no complicated screens to navigate.
The main applications for the Smart Guide.DF are printing and extrusion industries.
The BST eltromat rotating frame guide (DF) is specifically suited for short spans for a minimum of material stress.
For an easy handling the sensors can be adjusted by an optional, motor-driven sensor positioning device. This is advantageous, when sensors are hard to get to or web widths are changing frequently.
The improvement of economic efficiency is due to proven standards and a broad selection of equipment. A convenient retrofit can be realized by a modular design.
SmartGuide.DF is designed in a modular way and can be adapted to specific customer requests. Because of this it provides a tailored solution for your application.
If necessary the SmartGuide.DF can also be equipped with AccuWeb-components.
We find the right solution for your application. This includes consulting, layout and design.
Accurate Winding Thanks to Precise Position Control
Frequently used for converting applications
Controlled unwinding/rewinding for precise compensation of web position variations
Optional line and contrast control
Greater economic efficiency due to proven components and a large range of optional extras
Defined properties for transparency and easy technical clarification
Modular design for convenient extension of existing systems We find the right solution for your application. This includes consulting,layout and design.
Special Applications:.
The functional principle of this guiding device requires adequate long infeed and exfeed spans.
Swivel roll guides are used where installation space is limited, the required threading of the web does not allow the use of a rotating frame guide or where the web is continually drifting sidewards (integral correction).
The turning bar is used wherever a 90° turn in the direction of the web is required. A turning bar can be equipped with BST eltromat guiding components optionally.
The turning bar is installed at an angle of 45° to both the infeed and outfeed direction of the web.
The web winds itself around the turning bar 180° and leaves the guiding device at right-angles to the infeed position.