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Web guiding for unwinders and winders, guiding from the loop, web width measurement systems with the high performance CCD CAM 100 camera from BST eltromat product range form the basis for top product quality on textile and steel cord cutters.

Swivelling Roller Guide : In combination with different sensors the SmartGuide.SF is guiding web or textile cord. For calendar lines BST eltromat recommends the full width sensor BFW SEN 100.

Pivoting Frame Guide : The SmartGuide.DF corrects the lateral offset of running product webs. In combination with various sensors, selected according to the material to be controlled, the unit guides the web to its correct position.

Winder Guiding System : The SmartGuide.WF ensures the controlled unwinding and rewinding of material and liner. Adoptions to individual conditions can be realized due to a large range of proven components, such as sensors and actuators.

Width Measurement : This system measures the widths of material in reflecting or transmitting light mode. The high performance camera CCD CAM 100 allows high precision.