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Reliable Control for any Application:

The controller compares actual values on the web position with defined nominal values. If there is a deviation, the controller
sends a correction signal to the guiding device.

At BST eltromat we differentiate between BASIC and ADVANCED Controller to meet your requirements.

Universal applications

The variety of connectible components ensures optimal alignment with your application. All controllers come with ports for various sensors (ultrasonic, optic, line and reflection sensors as well as line cameras) and actuating drives of various performance classes (with or without position feedback).

Modern technology in limited space

The compact controller design allows a direct installation on/inside the guiding device on any desired position in your machine.

The functional scope of this controller is specifically aligned to classic web guiding applications.
ekr 500 digital particularly stands out because of its user-friendliness and convenient commissioning and operation.
The compact controller design and the removeable control unit allows comfortable handling even when its is installed in places which are hard to get to.
The clear LC display graphically shows all relevant data including web position, sensor coverage and actuating drive position.

Your benefits at a glance:
  • Fast commissioning (Plug & Play)
  • Easy to replace when maintenance is required
  • Simple handling for users and fitters
  • CAN hub technology
  • Galvanic ally isolated CAN bus for networking with other BST eltromat controllers
  • USB service interface
ekrPro Com60 stands out due to its simple installation and clear control elements.
After selection of the connected components (sensors, actuators etc.) in the set-up menu, all relevant control parameters are automatically adjusted.
The user, therefore, only has to select the control functions (automatic, manual or center position) and the scanning mode (left or right web edge, center-line guiding).

Your benefits at a glance:
  • Flexible configuration
  • Step motor output stage for motor-driven sensor adjustment incl. automatic edge seeking
  • Optional configuration with a fieldbus module for:
  •    >> Safe, fast data transmission
  •    >> Connection to various bus systems using BST eltromat interface modules (external networking)
  •    >> Convenient connection to higher systems (PLC or PC) using suitable gateways
  • Control output for hydraulic power packs