About Us

BST eltromat India Pvt. Ltd. is an Indo-German joint venture company and a part of the elexis group specializing in automation control where our products are used successfully around the world in printing, packaging, converting, paper & corrugation, woven & non-woven, tyre and steel industries. BST eltromat International, as it’s parent company, BST eltromat India has established strong presence in the Indian printing and packaging sector, securing widely satisfied customer base.

We are backed by a powerful team of engineers, sales professionals, manufacturing experts, service technicians who use their expertise and skills to guarantee high quality products and services to ensure customer satisfaction which is our core concern.

BST eltromat India was incorporated in 1993 with the head office in Mumbai, manufacturing unit in Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat and a sales / service set-up pan India. We also serve International markets such as, North & Central Africa, Middle East, Thailand, Sri-Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

In 2014, BST International acquired eltromat GmbH and its subsidiaries. Both BST International GmbH and eltromat GmbH are considered to be technology and market leader in their business areas. From the combined strength of this merger, a new company emerges with highly-experienced staff and extra-ordinary know-how that will not only offer a unique product portfolio, but will enable us to become the most excellent business partner and solution provider.

BST eltromat International, being our parent company and we are a subsidiary of EMG Automation GmbH (Wenden / Germany) the company belongs to the elexis and SMS group.

About SMS Group
  • HQ in Germany with a legacy of 140+ years.
  • Turnover of 3.4 billion (approx. 25,500 Crs.) with 14,000+ employees.
  • One of the leading global system suppliers of plants, machines and services.
  • Acquisitions, innovations, and a constant commitment to meet the expectations of our customers have helped us grow successfully.
About Elexis Group
  • A subsidiary of SMS Group, established in 1995.
  • An engineering firm and a technology leader in factory automation and quality assurance systems.
  • Set technological benchmarks through its innovative developments.
  • A highly profitable group which banks on emerging markets.
  • Present internationally with excellent customer relationships.
We, BST Eltromat India - the No. 1 for quality assuring systems in our Market.


Together we develop innovative and trend-setting system solutions which are outstanding in quality and reliability.
Our expertise, customer focus and commitment ensure economic success.

Stronger Together By
  • Defining guidelines management-team-building
  • Practising customer-customer relationships
  • Meeting deadlines and agreements (being reliable)
  • positive attitude: body language, encouragement
  • Praising success (encouraging employees)
  • Appreciating colleagues' issues
  • Treating others' time respectfully (I don't actually have any time, but I'm happy to take time for you)
  • Leading with a situational management style
  • Supporting and backing each other up
Career Opportunities @ BST eltromat India

At BST eltromat India, we have embarked on this mission through our employees - the pillar of our success. We place ourselves among the best in the industry based on our strength and growing presence in the Domestic and International markets. While at our work place we consider it to be an extension of our own families and this is our work culture.

Our focused approach on human resources development, recognition of performance, training and development, motivation for excellence, decision making endowing empowerment, communication, transparency in policies and social support system are integrated as part of our HR philosophy.

At BST eltromat India, learning is a continuous process through a balanced intervention in the areas of skill, behavioural and managerial development and opportunity to work on the latest technology in an environment that supports creativity and innovation. Focused directions are provided through goal setting process, feedback and counselling.

HR Philosophy

To attract, retain & develop potential of highly motivated employees equipped with outstanding skills and knowledge of standard functions of business. To facilitate in creating an environment of excellence and congenial work culture, including fair harmonious employer - employee relations conducive to achievement of organizational goals through collective participation, optimum utilization and welfare of employee.

If you wish join us, then please share your resume on hrd@bsteltromat-india.com. We shall get in touch with you when we have an appropriate opening for your profile.

Product Portfolio
We have the sole purpose of providing top class solutions for top class products.

Our portfolio consists of entire solutions for web processing industries:

Our products are successfully used around the globe in various industries, e.g.:

  • Printing & Packaging
  • Converting & Coating
  • Paper & Corrugation
  • Woven & Non-woven
  • Tyre & Steel industry